Planning to register a company? We are here to help you.

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  • 5 March 2021

Setting up a company is Australia involves making a decision about the type of company you want to set up and starting your application; through to registering the company with ASIC and maintaining a company register.

Following are the 4 stages that highlight setting up a company in an efficient, reliable and cost effective manner.

Stage 1: Preparing for your company setup application

First, seek financial or legal advice to determine if setting up a company is the best means to conduct your business.

Before you set up a company, you should know the name you want to give to the company, how many and who will be the director(s), shareholders and officeholders, how many shares each shareholder will hold etc. For a complete checklist, click here.

Stage 2: Filling out the company registration form correctly

Fill out the ASIC Form 201 for company registration on our website with details about the company name, registered office, officeholders, and shareholders etc. We, at A2Z Accountants help you through registering for you..

Once payment goes through, a set of consent forms are available for download. These forms need to be signed before lodging the application with ASIC. You don’t need to provide these to ASIC but legally the documents should be signed before your company registration application is submitted. These forms need to be filed in the company register, once signed.

Stage 3: Lodging the application with ASIC and receiving the ACN

The next and final step is to lodge your application with ASIC.

Pay for the ASIC fee and instantly lodge your application online through A2Z Accountants NSW. The company can be registered within 20 minutes if the form is filled out correctly and the company name is available.

You will receive the certificate of registration from ASIC online. After registration, A2Z Accountants NSW releases a 2nd set of documents including a company constitution that outlines the rules that will govern your company. Your company can choose to adopt the constitution or be bound by the replaceable rules under the Corporations Act.

Stage 4: Maintaining a company register

You should get all relevant documents signed and file them in the company register. Once the company is registered, Cleardocs provides an Establishment Kit that details what to do next. For instance, some communication needs to be sent to the ATO like the notice of appointment for the public officer and relevant taxation registrations. Once all relevant notices have been communicated, you are ready to start operating your company.


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